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IAMMAN & PM-Support Duo (for him/for her)

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Here we've got a saving for couples.

Buy both IAMMAN & PM-Support together and save on the cost of buying both separately.


I AM MAN - For Men Only.

I AM MAN is one strong male vitality supplement, you'll feel 18 again.

Maca is traditionally used as an aphrodisiac and libido booster, while fenugreek is a potent herb used in arabic regions to "enhance masculinity" - and it certainly does that; combining both of these with Tribulus which is a non-hormonal virility enhancer makes I AM MAN a potent supplement.

We've added to the mix Tongkat Ali and Basella Alba (both used as a fertility aid for centuries and Basella, shown to increase testosterone in animals).

Zinc & Magnesium, necessary for optimum hormonal function round off the blend of ingredients in I AM MAN.


PM-Support is formulated to help ladies through that difficult time of the month. It's particularly useful for women who experience a heavy period or are going through menopausal changes. PM-Support can help with hot flushes, mood changes and associated issues.

Take 3 a day, spread out with meals.