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Q - Why the flat boxes?

A - They fit through a letterbox, nobody likes wasting time at the sorting office to collect their fish oils.


Q - I don't know anything about you?

A - Ah, an air of mystery! Get on over to our About Us page. 


Q - How can you sell supplements cheaper than other companies with similar products?

A - We have our own UK-based manufacturing facility, and we buy in BULK from our suppliers. Essentially, we cut out the middle-man by being the middle-man and pass on the savings to our customers.


Q - Where else can I buy your stuff?

A - We have both an Amazon and eBay shop, and you may find us in your local supplement store. Due to certain selling restrictions on both Amazon & eBay, you may not find our whole range available.


Q - Can I visit you?

A - While we'd love to share a cuppa, we don't have a bricks and mortar store, so no. Use the website like everyone else, honestly, it's easier.


Q - What's the best things to help me with period pains?

A - Stop! We aren't allowed to give medical advice. We sell food supplements.

Send us a message though and we'll give you some great general advice. Maybe after a chat with us, you'll be able to identify something on our website to meet your needs?


Q - Vegan friendly?

A - We're friends with everyone, but unfortunately no, we cannot say that our supplements are vegan. Most are vegan friendly, but we can't always guarantee it, so we don't claim it. Our fish oils and vitamin D for example use gelatin in their capsule shells and some of our raw materials are sourced from shellfish. We do always state this clearly on packaging.


Q - Gluten free?

A - Yes! This one we can shout about! If we ever use a filler in our products (and we don't always use fillers), it's always 100% gluten-free, organic, rice flour and we state it clearly on the label.


Q - Do you use fillers?

A - We only use gluten-free, organic rice flour. It's completely inert and stated clearly when it's used in a formula. We don't use any magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide or any other weirdly named flow agents. We actually have to make everything by hand because of this, automatic machines would just clog up. It's a pain, but it sets us apart and it means you're getting 100% active in anything you buy from us.



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