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Let's Sort Fact from Fiction

What is CBD oil?

CBD is the acronym for Cannabidiol, a constituent cannabinoid of cannabis and hemp. CBD is not psychoactive like it's close cousin, THC and will not get you "high" or "stoned". CBD is completely legal to use, sell and consume. CBD has no known lethal dose.

Hailing from Northern China and India, hemp has been used for thousands of years as a supplement and material.

Hemp use appears throughout history, beginning in the far east, before spreading west into the Middle East and Europe. It's even said to be part of the healing anointing oil used in the Bible and William Shakespeare is known to have been an avid user, possibly for it's supposed creative effects.


Since CBD was isolated and entered the market a few years ago, the myths surrounding this compound exploded. Let's make it clear, CBD does NOT cure cancer.

Choosing the best CBD Oil

There are ongoing studies into the medical benefits of cannabinoids, with promising results. It has been found to be useful for many conditions, including mood and mental health disorders, long term progressive illnesses, neurological issues and is showing promise as a recovery aid. These however are mostly all pre-clinical studies, there are very few actual medicines in current use based on the plant.

You've heard of "isolate", "full spectrum", "broad spectrum" and all manner of other terms to describe CBD, but do you actually know what they are? Put simply, it's all about the purity. Here's a short explanation:

CBD is isolated from the hemp plant commercially by the use of solvents at below freezing temperatures (known as a sub-critical extractions), these are usually either butane, ethanol or carbon dioxide. These solvents dissolve the essential oils from the plant, leaving behind the majority of the impurities. Butane is the worst choice of the three, needing extra processing to remove any residual butane, while ethanol and carbon dioxide can be considered solvent-less extractions as they are able to self-purge from the extraction at atmospheric pressures and are non-toxic if consumed.

CBD isolate is exactly what it says, a white powder of pure cannabidiol, isolated from a hemp "mud" crude extract by high pressure liquid chromatography.

Full Spectrum CBD is CBD that has been extracted along with all other compounds in the plant, including CBG, CBN, CBV etc. Full spectrum CBD is usually very dark green to black in colour and bitter tasting, this is due to the fats, waxes and plant impurities carried into the extraction. It's a brilliant product, but it's got a lot of impurities.

Broad Spectrum CBD usually refers to a Full Spectrum CBD that has undergone further processing, usually winterization and fractional distillation to remove the waxes, fats and impurities. This is the ultimate extract of CBD, containing all of the beneficial compounds and terpenes without any of the plant matter. As a result, broad spectrum CBD can be almost clear.

Legally, we at Super You can't claim any benefits to our CBD oil, other than it being a good food supplement.

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